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Nearly 30% of persons suffering from a mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic had PTSD. 


ZiRu Wellness is collaborating with One Life Counseling Center to provide movement therapy classes for persons who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, social isolation or PTSD during Covid. 


Classes are offered to low income youth, young adults, and seniors who are challenged by these wellness conditions, to address mental health as well as bringing the community back into safe spaces together, to combat the social isolation caused by the pandemic.


Classes are lead by 1 movement therapist and assisted by 3 professional ZiRu Wellness members. The classes encourage individual contributions by using “round robin” style games to build fun, collaborative movement phrases. Movement exercises in which the ZiRu dancers embody the movement of the class participants allows participants to gain further insight into how their bodies were holding onto trauma, and how to work through these movement patterns. 


We prioritize creating a safe space for group discussion where participants can share personal experiences at the end of each session. The structure provides the participants adequate personal attention and feedback, while simultaneously creating a sense of community.


The Move and Release class series was created as part of ZiRu Wellness’ newest project, “Pathways to Recovery,” studying PTSD and the healing process.

ZiRu Wellness is willing to work with any and all community organizations - especially those supporting youth mental health - to provide the best version of Move and Release for each community.

Move & Release


Move and Release Classes for Children

- Coming Soon -



ZiRu Wellness seeks to implement a new Community Defined Evidence Practice (CDEP): “Move and Release” Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) offered alongside Cognitive Emotional Behavioral Therapy (CEBT), offering trauma-informed DMT classes to BIPOC communities.


Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) allows the mind and body to connect while supporting a different way of processing that is not focused on traditional talk therapy.  Move & Release DMT will jumpstart a student’s ability to access their emotions and articulate any need for mental health support.  To meet children, youth, adults and families where they are in a language and with the movement they understand.


Often physical activity can be a great entry point for addressing underlying mental health concerns. We anticipate students seeing counselors or other support systems following the class series, and we will work with the community organizations that nurture these youths to ensure that low-cost / free follow-up care is provided.


The program also targets isolation and the importance of developing new social bonds. The class series will lay a foundation for ongoing social exchange.


Calm, Contain, Care, and Cope 


The 4 C’s of Trauma-informed care are: Calm, Contain, Care, and Cope. CDEPs often originate within community organizations and can range from behavioral health treatments to community outreach to other services and supports. Examples of these types of practices include but are not limited to: traditional healing, life coaching, circles of care, mindfulness, radical inclusivity, and culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach.

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