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An exploration of PTSD & the healing process

Pathways to Recovery is a study of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), how the body stores trauma, and the pathways to overcome automated responses. Nearly 30% of persons suffering from a mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic have PTSD. An estimated one in 11 people will be diagnosed with PTSD in their lifetime. This collaboration aims to address this global struggle through a study of its current manifestations and the rich implications that can resonate more broadly in the PTSD community.

Working alongside One Life Counseling, ZiRu offers Move and Release, movement therapy classes tailored to individuals suffering from PTSD, both as a result of COVID-19 and more broadly. These classes serve as a source of movement exploration, verbal conversation, and interaction between patients and therapists at One Life and ZiRu. Through these classes, choreographic material is being created to form a full-length work.

Upon its completion, ZiRu will present Pathways to Recovery as the headliner of a full evening of dance centered on the theme of healing from trauma. Long-time ZiRu Dance collaborator, Areta Wang, will collaborate on the body of work as it builds, interjecting her personal story as another layer of the project. Areta is a disabled visual artist who suffers from PTSD as a result of her debilitating physical conditions. Her artwork will contribute substantially to the set design and physical structure of the performing space.

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